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Cardigan Bar

"We aim to provide our wonderful community with a welcoming and interesting place to meet. "

"We offer only carefully selected craft beer, including the Bacchus Brewing Co. on tap, and mostly locally brewed bottled craft beer."

The Cardigan bar will also offer a range of wines from distributors and wineries that are either socially conscious or provide certified organic/conscious farming products. We will also provide a selection of high quality spirits and a wide range of organic mixers, you may also see the odd cheeky cocktail on the menu.

Cardigan Bar welcomes you to bring your own food on any evening, including a casserole from home if you like. Or you may choose from our tasty bar snacks if you please

Watch this space for ‘What’s On’ at Cardigan Bar including  emerging artists and your latest local music talent.

This neighbourhood bar is situated in a service lane off the roundabout between the little crepe factory and hoffy cycles.

For details contact Chris or Abby on 0419189049 or


Contact Details

Address 198 Seymour Street, Sandgate, QLD, Australia, 4017
Mobile 0419189049