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With the Christmas/New
Year season just around
the corner I have had the
pleasure of attending a
number of sch
Does your hearin
and community group
has resoundingly endorsed
end-of-year celebrations right across the Deagon
Annastacia Palaszczuk and
Ward. The forma
of the pandemic and our
celebrations has
economic recovery plan.
been different than other years and sadly, a
unnecessarily ch
Disappointingly, we are unable to proceed with
parliament. While humbled by the generosity of
Citizenship Ceremony in the Sandgate Town Hall
my sleeves up ready to continue our work for
Sandgate Hearin
acknowledge the respectful conduct of
on 26 January, alongside Anika Wells MP and Stirling Hinchliffe MP. I
4 Free senior hearing check,
free services for pensioners
  Cr Jared Cassidy
Thank you, Sandgate! The results are being finalised and it is clear I will remain the Member for Sandgate,
of Hearin
the government’s handling
t for Pthesnesio
on the phone? Un
can choo
depression and is
Stirling Hinchliffe MP
Aids at gu
rices your family and fri
aids. They can get some
Serving as the member for the past six years has
to be cancelled due to the current restr‘itcotiopn-su. p’(bbetetnera)nheonaoruirnagndaiIdvery muchWleookftfeonrwtahridnk he
number of the usual annual celebrations have had
to Queensland’s first ever four-year fixed term
features at no extra cost ageing and wron
Carols by the Bay this year, however, I’m pleased put up with. Sand support from the Sandgate electorate, I am rolling
to still be hosting the Australia Day By The Bay local and they’re 4 Discounted TV and phone
listening dneorvthicsideesrs and Queenslanders.
4 PaediaeltercictioHn ehearerianngd thank the other candidates for
If you’re looking for something fun to do to experience.Hewi
their commitment to our democracy.
celebrate the end of the school yAeasr,seIsasment for children hearingandmai
hosting a free outdoor Christmas movie night at
The re-elected Palaszczuk Governmyeontuwr inllededlivsear re d more frontline services, improvemendtes vtoicoeusr cloacnal be m
Einbunpin Lagoon Park on Friday 11 December.
asaHnedarinugsstaefes.tforDriving Ward community a very Merry Christm
healthy and happy 2021. Let’s hope 2021 is a less
tumultuous one!
Cr Sandy Landers
Development and Innovation andmiMssinaisnteyrvfisoirtors. Sport will allow me to ensure locathl epeirrsppoercttaivbesle TV s
wealth Office g Office
st Quality Hearin aranteed low p
ners & Veterans
 4 LiSN-S Central Auditory
Grab your picnic blanket and come on down and
enjoy a free family night under the stars.
I’d like to take the opportunity to wish the Deagon the Beams Road rail overpass – allAwwhiliedekereapninge of p
schools, better health facilities on the northside, a
Processing Assessment
connected, com
commitment to Queensland manufacturing and
Hearing from the l My appointment as Minister for ToduorisomrbIendllusswtriyth a fl
Licence/work-related issues
4 Hearing aid batteries
and needs are represented at the highest levels in
your favourite TV s
Lam, a highly qua
 (Germany) $3/packet, FREE
that can be worn house ... or a dem
for pensioners/DVA
our government.
 This year has certainly
amplifiers making
  been challenging and like
breeze. Sandgate
no other. To our students,
most up-to-date t Our community is innovative antdhaatdwapirtealbelesslycon
congratulations on
adjusted through albeit in a new format. In collaboratoionhewaitrhboeutrter in n
special for our seniors, retirement villages and
completing the academic
year, you are undoubtedly
more resilient after the
se free hearing
This year, many of our local Christmas and New
8 Nash Stsrcehoeotls,, I have been working onunsdoemrestahingding.
curve balls you hSaavenbdegenate QLD 4017
care facilities to ensure they won’Ct abell Smaisnsdingate He T: 07-3603 1370
dealt. The same must be
said to the families who out on the Christmas spirit. Keep ahneeayreinogn dmeyvices p
juggled home schooling, often whilesawnordkingatFeahceeboaorkipnage.covoemr th.eacuoming w(Veektesrtaonse)e.Flexibl
themselves – you made it. 2020 has given us a new appreciation for everyday freedoms and social norms: visiting elderly relatives or family interstate, hugging our friends or enjoying a regular trip to the movies – things we may have once taken for granted.
what’s in store.
I wish you all an enjoyable holiday season and hope you are able to stop, take a breath and come back refreshed to a new and hopefully better year.
       and Veterans (DVA) Accreditated by the
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