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  Karen Hoarau
Tone and Sculpt Your Body at Sandgate’s Newest Pilates Studio
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any Sandgate residents will be rocking a stronger core, leaner bodies and increased muscle strength with
Studio Pilates International’s grand opening on April 17.
Studio Pilates International franchisee Karen Hoarau said that after 30 years of working in a high stress, corporate world she decided it was
time to follow her heart and passion for Pilates and start her business in Sandgate.
“When COVID hit, it made me reassess what I wanted to do,” Karen said. “I was fortunate enough to keep working through COVID but realised if I don’t do something I love and am passionate about now, I may never have the opportunity again.”
Karen has been doing Pilates for five years, and as her love for it grew, she started to teach it also.
“I’ve always loved exercising and keeping fit and being healthy,” Karen said. “Having a few injuries myself, I got into Pilates for my rehab. I loved what it did for my body and the results I was getting.
“Building a strong core is the foundation of Pilates. Our core is what carries us around; we need to keep it strong. The main benefit of Pilates is that it tones your body. We use reformer beds which give a more challenging and effective workout than mat-work Pilates.
“The beauty of Pilates is that it can be adjusted for all abilities and injuries. We get a lot of referrals from physios and doctors as we can adjust the exercise to slowly rebuild muscle strength and for rehab purposes.”
Karen said that Sandgate was somewhere she was planning on living in the future with her partner, and jumped on the opportunity from Studio Pilates International to set up in the area.
“I love the area as it is so pretty and picturesque,” she said.
“Opening a business like this is such a personal thing. We get to know our clients very well and we help them achieve their goals. Some might come because of an injury, to lose weight, tone up or try something new. It brings me joy as a trainer seeing people who have reached their goals and who are becoming more confident in their bodies.”
Find more information on Studio Pilates International at:
Studio Pilates International 27 Brighton Rd Sandgate Phone: 0477 771 195

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