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  Sandgate Hearing
Ph: 3603 1370 | 8 Nash Street, Sandgate • Test • Aids Fitting/Repairing • Lyric
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Welcome new Motion Sensor Hearing Aids
aid button to make changes to the hearing aid functions.Withamotionsensorhearingaid,it is now possible to accept/reject mobile phone calls by double tapping on the outer ear. In addition, it allows the user to pause/resume audio streaming from connected mobile devices, or to even ask Google for driving directions with a simple tap.
Currently there is a small number of hearing aid models with this motion sensor feature.
You can arrange a free trial of this latest technology before this Christmas holiday. Call us on 3603 1370 to book in an appointment.
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 steers the directional microphone reducing the
dynamic noise appropriately providing you with greater speech clarity than before.
People with large fingers or reduced dexterity.
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   The most comfortable I’ve had a hearing problem for
chnology including hearing aids
Nyrelle my wife doesn’t have to continually repeat herself...
I’ve had hearing issues for a long time. With the arrival of my new granddaughter, I realised I needed to improve my hearing. I now have a new set of hearing aids and I’m extremely happy with them. Nyrelle my wife is very happy as she doesn’t have to continually repeat herself. I’d recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone with a hearing loss.
Malcolm & Nyrelle Flack - Boondall.
nect to your TV and phone and are
hearing aids... almost 40 yrs... a mobile phone app allowing you
These are the most comfortable And it was slowly getting worse. I’ve been
oisy environments with better speech
hearing aids that I’ve ever had and to a number of audiologists, but Ronnie I’ve been wearing hearing aids for Lam is the first person to give me a clear almost 20 years. I find Ronnie easy picture of what’s going on with my hearing
aring on 3603 1370. Free services and
to talk to and he explains everything and a set of hearing aids that actually
rovided for all pensioners and DVA
to me clearly. He gave me options address my hearing problems. Now I can eopoefnheinarginghaoidusrwshMichoInhadveany’thtoadSaturdaheya.rbetterathomeandatmyvolunteer
before. I’m very happy with Sandgate Hearing.
Elsie Condrin, Bald Hills.
work which involves a lot of meetings. Social interacting with family and friends has greatly improved too.
Keith Brandt (& wife Judy) – South Ripley.
 • The Commonwealth Hearing Service Program • Paediatric hearing assessment
• Workcover, NDIS hearing assessment
• Central Auditory Processing Test • Micro-suction earwax removal
• Tinnitus consultation
• Custom musician earplug
• Custom industrial noise plug
• Custom swim, surfer & snore earplug
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