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f you’re looking for some local Italian food, What’s in the Pot? now offers its genuine and simple Tuscan-inspired cuisine in Sandgate.
For owner Carla Biacchessi, the goal in opening the first What’s in the Pot? venue in Redcliffe was to make people feel at home and to bring back flavour to the table. The tradition continues with this new Sandgate location.
“We are hoping to bring a little piece of our corner of Tuscany to Sandgate,” she said. “This will extend our portfolio of customers and enrich the community with our Italian culture and love for food.”
“Sandgate’s venue is very new, and it has a beautiful ambience. We have tried to really bring Tuscany and Italy to our customers. We are very proud of our Sandgate venue. It has a beautiful bar and big kitchen. But, despite the different size of the venues, the heart is the same, hence the food is the same.”
When it comes to the food, you can expect locally sourced produce and seafood in simple but authentic Italian dishes.
“Our food comes from the heart,” Carla said. “The misconception that Italian food is only pasta and pizza needs to be broken. Italian food entails all kinds of food groups – from meats to seafood and vegetables. Of course, pasta and pizza, but not only that. And desserts are a big one, as they are all homemade.”
Highlights from the menu include osso buco, lamb shanks, and homemade lasagne. The pizzeria section also offers more casual dining options, with beer on tap or wine to match. Diners can eat in or take away to suit the occasion.
“As for special events, I would say start planning your Christmas party and New Year’s Eve event as we would like to cater for you,” Carla said.
What’s in the Pot? is open for breakfast and lunch every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dinner is available from Tuesday to Sunday.
For more information, visit What’s in the Pot? Sandgate on Facebook or go to www.
What’s in the Pot? Sandgate 19 Brighton Road, Sandgate P 0450 555 009
  Stefania Michelessi and Antonio Trovato.

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