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Sandgate Scout Hall:
Where Community
is Recognised
TStory Nadia Chapman
he Sandgate Scout Hall turns 93 this year - and its long history is testament to the value of community spirit. Since opening on 19 September
1927, the Sandgate Scout Hall has become a regular meeting place for community groups and families.
Sandgate Scout Hall coordinator Kylie Bevan said that the hall had regular group bookings that helped bring a sense of community to the Sandgate area.
“We currently have regular bookings by the Christian Church of Samoa, North Brisbane Irish Set Dancing, Toshi Boei Karate-Do, and COMBI Enterprises,” Kylie said.
The groups are booked across the week, keeping the hall busy and the people energetic in this little corner of Sandgate. From dance movement therapy to Irish set dancing and street smart martial arts, the Sandgate Scout Hall has helped to provide a safe space for activities since its opening day.
Before a deal was made in 1926, the School of Arts was booked each Friday night for those who participated in the boy scouts, as they waited for the hall to be built. Constructed in 1927 for just $800, the scout hall was moved in the early 1950s, as an extension was to be added.
Sandgate Hall historian, Lloyd Atkins, said these renovations were mostly volunteer work. “All of the work was mainly done by volunteer labour, primarily the Rover Crew at the time,” he said.
Other reconstructions were made to the hall by the Brisbane City Council, so it could become a more inclusive structure.“[The improvements] involved the construction of the ramp at the side door, and the assembly of the upstairs toilet,” Lloyd said.
Not only has the Sandgate Scout Hall been used for group activities, but in more recent times, as a temporary meeting place for the Town Hall embassy.
The Sandgate Scout Hall is available for regular hire for families and groups for $22 per hour, or $55 per three-hour block.
hile visiting Sandgate State School and Bracken Ridge State
 High last month, I had the pleasure of announcing the Queensland Government’s commitment to
air condition all state school classrooms, libraries and staff rooms statewide over the next two years, as part of the Cooler Cleaner Schools program.
Additionally, further funding has been allocated to the Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES) program. This ensures our schools are using renewable energy to power their new air conditioning units, by installing approximately 80,000 solar panels on school rooftops over the next three years.
I thank all our local school P&Cs who have been proactive in funding air conditioning and I highlight
this program will mean all future maintenance and replacement costs will be covered.
Schools will be prioritised based
on a range of factors, including the potential for reduced energy costs, current levels of energy use, student numbers and site conditions.
Our government is working with QBuild and our schools to ensure local approved contractors will be included in the tender process.
For more information contact my Sandgate electorate office via email or ph: 3639 9100.
   Stirling Hinchliffe MP

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