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Georgina Bullock with Jack Rebbeck.
SJtory & Photo Bruce Redman
ack Rebbeck always dreamt of being a star of stage or screen and wasn’t going to let his disability get in the way of that
bold ambition. Indelability Arts was able to help Jack to achieve that dream and now he’s able to share his experience with other people living with disability.
Jack will be part of an exciting new course of drama workshops coming to Sandgate.
Classes will run weekly at the Sandgate Town Hall for two months, commencing on 22 October.
Course director Georgina Bullock said, “We aim to take participants through core acting training processes and give them the confidence to enhance performance, and create strong social connections.
“It is in no way a ‘one size fits all’ method of teaching. It’s about working out with each individual student what they want to get out of it in terms of theatre skills, along with general self- confidence and independence. Most importantly it’s about finding the actor inside of themselves.”
Jack Rebbeck’s “actor” was well and truly hidden away before he discovered the workshops.
“They have been a ginormous help to me,” Jack said. “It’s very creative and it has helped
me develop my independence and confidence along with my theatre skills.”
Georgina said, “Classes are open to anyone who identifies as being a person with disability. We have students with physical or intellectual disabilities and mental illness.
“Indelability Arts was formed five years ago when the founders discovered a huge gap in the theatre for both performers with disability and authentic stories of living with disability.
“Since then, there have been workshops and performances across the state. One of our original shows Wilbur, the Optical Whale, was performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and received some major awards.”
“I am Wilbur,” Jack said proudly. “It once seemed to me that it would be impossible for me to have the lead role in a play, but the workshops got me there.”
Indelability Arts drama classes
For more Information: Commencing 22 October for 8 weeks Sandgate Town Hall.
To enrol or for further information email:

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