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my gratitude and love for the overwhelming response,” she said. “From people offering their own stock from their pantries, to people buying me products when they did their shopping. The local community has rallied together to help a small local business in need. From my family to yours, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
 Story Brooke Jacobson
Some weeks ago local residents noticed that hundreds of eels and fish had died in Dowse Lagoon. Concerned residents were worried about the smell and the impacts on the environment.
Deagon Ward Councillor Jared Cassidy took those concerns to council.
“I was told by council that it was more than likely related to the large inflow of water after the recent rains, covering vegetation and causing it to rot, causing the smell and the lack of oxygen in the water for the fish,” he said.
“Council’s Field Services Environmental Officer has attended and field analysis has indicated that the ‘dissolved oxygen’ levels are not sufficient to sustain fish species,” Jared said.
“Additional water samples are planned by the Field Services Environmental Officer and the State Government Environmental Agency has been notified of the incident.
“I will continue to keep you posted.”
A new parenting group called, It Takes a Village – Holistic Parents Community Brisbane, has started up in the 4017.
Led by local naturopath Cherie Gorringe, the group has a Facebook page and also meets regularly to discuss parenting issues and help young parents.
“Many modern young families are looking for a nourishing, safe place to come and share their experiences and parenting journey, especially those that have moved away from or have no extended family to support them,” Cherie said.
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Well, at first it was funny, then we got cranky, and finally we all decided to help each other. Residents of the 4017 initially responded to the toilet paper crisis of 2020 with plenty of jokes and memes, including suggestions of what type of leaves make great toilet paper, or how to fit the garden sprinkler inside your toilet! After the jokes died down, we all took to social media to vent our outrage over “hoarders” and now, at last, our local Facebook pages have been flooded with offers to help any residents who are elderly or isolated.
It’s heartening to see us all coming together during these trying times. Let’s keep it up!
Many of our local cafes, bars and restaurants are adapting to the new “social distancing” recommendations from the federal government in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Sandgate Post Office Hotel has opened its upstairs function room for dining and is also offering weekend deliveries of meals and beer.
The Wired Owl Café on the Sandgate/Shorncliffe border still has seating available outside and is asking patrons to pick up their coffees at the courtyard window after ordering.
The Sandgate Coffee Club has taken to social media to remind patrons to order through Uber Eats and have their meals delivered.
Moment Biscuits in Brighton asks that only one person enters the café at a time. Owner Frouke Gill has also expressed her thanks to local residents after posting on Facebook that she was unable to source basic ingredients such as flour and sugar due to panic buying. “I cannot express

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