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HStory Nick Allford
ow to sell a Haunted House – with episode titles like this, you know it’s not going to be your average true
crime podcast. Host Phoebe Judge and her team not only interview those who’ve been affected by crime, but the criminals who commit them. The crimes vary in severity from poaching Venus Fly Traps, counterfeiting money, all the way through to murder, but always with a common thread... they’re bloody fascinating and often bizarre.
One of the most interesting elements is the way each criminal or victim tells their story. A crim may show no remorse, offering tips on committing crimes in one episode, and in the next, a victim will explain how they got their revenge on a scammer.
This podcast mostly focusses on more obscure and unheard-of cases, although occasionally offers new takes on more famous murders from new angles such as “An owl did it”.
Some of the interviews may be five years old but the topics and emotions they evoke are still fresh and evergreen.
The timbre of Judge’s voice gives a soft storyteller feel to each tale and with episodes running at around 30 minutes a piece, it makes for very bingeable listening.
Available where you find your podcasts.
Brighton Food Truck Pop-Up
The Brighton Food Truck Pop-Up will return to Decker Park on Sunday 4 October from 4-7pm. All your favourite food trucks are returning for a second time. Come down and enjoy Micasa Burger Truck, Rolls Pho Mi, Tender Calamari and Bubbo Dessert, while enjoying the beautiful bayside location. Support this new food truck pop-up location to make it a regular event.
Hula Hoop Your Way to Fitness
Learn from professional hula hoop performer Kiera Blaney. This class is open to all levels and will go over the foundation tricks of hula hoop and hoop dance. You will also be introduced to exercises to help you understand and tap into hoop dance flow. Places are limited. For more information and to reserve your place book through
Starting Wednesday 7 October for 4 weeks. 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Sandgate Town Hall, Corner of Cliff and Seymour Street
Dance for Cancer 2020
Jazzercise Sandgate’s annual breast cancer fundraiser is on again. Wear your pinkest workout gear and join in for some fun, and get fit, while supporting this worthy cause.
Sing along to some great tunes and test your knowledge with trivia questions. Raffle tickets will also be on sale for your chance to win some awesome prizes. Entry is $20 at the door with all proceeds going to National Breast Cancer Foundation. Visit Jazzercise Sandgate Facebook page for more information.
Sunday 18 October, 4-6pm Sandgate Senior Citizens Centre 20 Seymour Street, Sandgate

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