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Melody Menzies and Susan Hanley.
   Stuff You Should Know
SWtory Nick Allford
ant to learn something new while sitting in traffic? It’s as easy as downloading the ‘Stuff You Should
Know’ podcast.
Hosts Josh and Chuck have done their research into a broad range of topics over the last 12 years – and I mean really broad. From Chaos Theory, to LSD, and how diabetes works.
Some of the topics are fascinating and some can fall a bit flat, but I guess it all depends on what you’re into. That’s why I don’t recommend listening to the show chronologically. Instead, I suggest scrolling through and finding a topic that floats your boat, like the episode “Why is it so hard to say ‘Toy Boat’ 3 times” (try it).
The durations vary as much as the topics with bite-size 10-minute snippets to hour-long chunky shows.
They don’t just pick themes out of thin air; they cover current topics such as COVID and the US election.
Subjects are put in simple terms without ever being condescending, plus one of the hosts sounds similar to comedian John C. Reilly, which makes it all the more entertaining.
Overall, it should make it easier for you to contribute to conversations in a meaningful way, or at least sound smart down at the pub.
Sharon kitesurfing on the Sandgate foreshore.
Surviving COVID-19 In Paradise
COVID happened, which resulted in closures and travel restrictions. Weeks turned into months and my passion for Sandgate grew.
Being stranded is an opportunity to jump in at the deep end and engage with The New. This passion for Sandgate has been my golden opportunity to learn to kite with Surf Connect, curate an art exhibition at Artrageous, join Sandgate Art Society, participate in “have a cuppa” at Womenspace, have fun with Sandgate Girls SUP Club and swim and cycle with renowned U.K. triathlete June and her adorable dog Molly.
The community ethos from the people in all of these groups is always a joy of welcoming, a love of sharing and encouragement of returning. COVID was my ticket to a place I would like to call home. How lucky we are to have the Sandgate community.”
 Supplied by reader Sharon Smith
“The COVID virus opened the door for me to the communities of Sandgate. I came to Australia for a two-week visit but

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