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her previous, frenzied existence and choose to return to her ex-fiancé and high pressure business, or settle down into the charming Cove with this new man. Will she choose Lemon Myrtle’s inherit beauty, lovely people and rediscover her love of cooking?
First-time Australian feature film director Rosie Lourde suggests that her film is “a heart-swelling story to snuggle down with”.
Rom-com showcases Shorncliffe
Leonie Haas-Thompson from the QCYC was fortunate enough to have been allowed on set to meet the stars and watch the crew work when they were shooting at the marina at night.
“It was very exciting and they were very welcoming,” said Leonie, “I even got to watch the video feed of a few scenes with the director. It’s wonderful to consider that potentially millions of viewers across the over 190 countries where Netflix is available are watching parts of our home”.
Councillor Jared Cassidy (Deagon Ward) also met the crew and assisted with the accessing of the permit process through the BCC Festivals and Events Liaison Office. “This is the second film [Netflix] have made in our local area,” Jared said. “They loved the beautiful landscape, quiet location and that the locals were so welcoming.”
The producers promise that this film will “heal any broken heart”. Maybe that’s a big call but it’s certainly worth adding to your Netflix binge list.
and Sandgate to the world
LStory Bruce Redman
ate last year the somewhat sleepy shores of Shorncliffe were home to a little taste of Hollywood frenzy as the feature film
“Romance on the Menu” set up lights, cameras and called “ACTION!”. The production featured locations such as the Sandgate foreshore, Baxter’s Jetty, Ashford Street, Moora Park and the Qld Cruising Yacht Club (QCYC) to help create the fictional “Lemon Myrtle Cove”.
The 96-minute romantic comedy has just been released by Netflix. It’s the classic “fish out of water” (or perhaps in this case “in water”) story of a sophisticated New York restaurateur (played by Canadian actress Cindy Busby) who after coming to Australia to sell her Great Aunt’s café falls for a hunky Aussie chef (Tim Ross). She has to reassess

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