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 Unlocking The Doors
the Doors
repare to be mesmerised by Wollongong band Unlocking the Doors as they channel the psychedelic and entrancing energy of
60s band The Doors. They will be performing their popular tribute show at The Lounge - The Royal, Nundah in January.
The band was established in 2016 after Richie (Jim Morrison – vocals), Sandy (Ray Manzarek – keys) and Mick (Robbie Krieger – guitar) were in a cover band and decided that Richie’s passion for The Doors should be explored – and they haven’t looked back since.
Three years ago, they invited a new drummer to the band – Lee (John Densmore), who brought a new element of magic.
Richie said once they started playing The Doors’ music, the power of the band shone through, resulting in an electric feeling for them and the audience.
“There’s so many moments on stage where something will happen and we’ll look at each other and just go, ‘Whoa, did you just feel that?’” Richie said.
“This magic on stage is why we do it, we can only just imagine what it would have been like for The Doors who actually created this.”
Richie said he loved it when he spotted people in the audience with their eyes shut taking in every moment of the music.
“That’s achieving for us – knowing that everybody’s having that experience with us,” he said.
“Jim Morrison always said that the music is like a ritual. It’s almost like a religion so to speak, like going to church. You know, you sit there, and everybody sort of has their moment together. It’s pretty special.”
Richie is looking forward to playing at The Lounge and said the audience would experience an authentic representation of the magic of The Doors.
“I really appreciate all the work that Jim Morrison did, both poetically and lyrically and yeah, the audience will get to experience how talented The Doors were,” he said. “I really think we’ve got something magical, when we play live, and I really lose myself in the performance as well.”
For more information and to buy tickets, search Unlocking the Doors at
Unlocking the Doors
Sunday, 16 January, 6pm
The Lounge at The Royal 1259 Sandgate Road, Nundah

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