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 MStory Peter Hansler
ost people starting out fishing in our local area will head to the beach, our famous jetties, the Hornibrook
Bridge or the Pine River. The most common catches will be bream, whiting, snapper, flathead and smaller species such as garfish and pike. Of these, whiting would be my favourite to eat, although flathead comes very close second.
To catch flathead, a 6-7 foot light rod with 12- 15lb line will suffice. You can even buy little tackle boxes with the right size hooks and sinkers for the species you want to target. Baits can vary but the old staples like prawns and beach or blood worms work, as well as small pilchards and live baits or lures. Our local tackle shops are the best place for a bit more advice and the fishing gear that will fit your budget.
Late afternoon and early morning are prime times and even night fishing places like Sandgate and Brighton waterfronts or Suttons Beach on high tide under the lights produce some great fish.
The fish species you will encounter in these areas have size and possession limits, so without listing them all, I would recommend using the search function or download a fishing app on your phone. Even I confess to using these sometimes, as it is the most up- to-date way of ensuring you are not breaking the law.
There are a lot of flathead around at the moment so it pays to go for a walk at low tide and look for the lays or impressions they leave in the sand when waiting for food to pass by, then come back at high tide and have a go at catching them. A tip: the lays are the same shape as the fish.
Tight lines!
Peter Hansler is a local fish enthusiast who promotes and educates about our native fish and responsible angling via his website If you have a question for Peter you can reach him via email at
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