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 One widely accepted tradition is the hot cross bun. These sweet and spicy buns date back to 12th-century Monks who made and decorated them with a cross in remembrance of Jesus’ death. Also known as Good Friday buns, folklore stories state Queen Elizabeth I, in the late 16th century, made it law that hot cross buns could only be made at Easter and funerals.
In addition to hot cross buns, the Easter Bunny, and eggs, the Easter Christian festival and holiday is further celebrated in various ceremonies, rituals, and cultural events around the world.
Similar to Australia, the UK and many European countries decorate eggs for Easter, and there is lots of chocolate involved. And in some European countries like Bulgaria, traditional meals such as ham and eggs, and lamb roasts with sweet bread are common.
However, in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, Easter customs are much more startling. Spanking on Easter Monday was traditionally carried out by men, softly spanking their women with a handmade whip called a pomlázka. The willow rod whips were decorated with colourful ribbons and the ceremony ended with cold water being thrown over the women. According to folklore, legend declares that women should be spanked with a whip to keep their health, beauty, and fertility for the next year. Fortunately, this tradition is no longer very popular, and has been replaced with an all-day water fight known as Dyngus Day, or Wet Monday.
Much tamer customs are observed around the world such as the USA, with Easter egg rolling contests, and in Bermuda, colourful kites are flown on Good Friday.
Further south in Columbia, Easter or Holy Week is the largest celebration of the year, with dances, parades and home-cooked feasts. In Russia, floral wooden painted eggs have famous symbolism. Many of the eggs are exquisitely handcrafted and decorated with flowers that have bloomed to represent new life and the renewing of the spirit. In Russian folklore they are meant to bring people good luck and have become popular with collectors.
So wherever you are from and however you acknowledge Easter, enjoy the festivities – and those chocolate eggs.
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