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in their Boondall home for over 50 years and Lorna said she loves her bright pink kitchen and quirky decor, consisting of lots of leopard print and Chinese artwork. According to Lorna, there’s never a chance for disagreements, as her response to her husband is, “Talk to the hand, because the ears aren’t listening”.
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 “ I’ve had a happy life with
eonard because he has always allowed me to shop and decorate the house the way I like,” Lorna said. “I always loved shopping. It was the only thing I did for myself. I love leopard print, colour and loved shopping for clothes and jewellery.”
The loved-up couple celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary last year by renewing their vows at St John’s Cathedral, the church they married in. This year’s big celebration was Lorna’s 90th birthday on 22 August, where she was spoilt with a surprise party surrounded by her children, six grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, seven great-great-grandchildren and close friends.
“I don’t need to get to 100,” Lorna said. “I’ve already got a letter from the Queen and Prime Minister. I’m happy with my family and life. Family is everything.”

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