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The Billy Thorpe Scholarship is a $10,000 grant given to one Queensland musician every year at the Queensland Music Awards, and this year Harry deservedly got the nod.
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Story Emma Harley
y its very nature, the Sandgate area is a haven for creatives, musicians and artists. So it’s no surprise that one of
its deep musical talents, singer-songwriter Harry Phillips, has taken out one of the state’s most coveted music awards.
Harry Phillips
recording new music at the end of the year, and move them forward to now,” he said.
“It’s a huge deal for me as momentum is a big deal when building a music career, and this win allows me to take all of the plans that I had for
I was actually one of the four finalists for the same award in 2018,
and lost. So it was also a nice payoff for continuing to pursue the goals that I had set for myself since that time.”
If you’ve seen Phillips play around the area, you’ll know him by his patented mix of grungy Brit-pop and delicate folky tunes.
“Half of my first EP is Brit-rock, which is the style of a lot of bands that I grew up with, such as The Beatles, Oasis and The Killers,” he said.
“The other half are acoustic singer-songwriter tracks styled after the likes of Jeff Buckley and Neil Finn. My second EP is more inspired by artists such as Charlie Puth and Ed Sheeran, but I’ve tried to keep my very earthy singer- songwriter lyrics.”
Phillips - a proud Deagon resident - said he had a huge year planned, with the release of new music just around the corner.
“I am going to finish releasing my first EP Life Without Fairy Tales on 25 April, which people can find on Spotify and Apple Music. I am going to record my second EP in the very near future with the assistance of the Billy Thorpe Scholarship, so keep an eye out for that.”
Despite the extraordinary times facing the world community, Phillips said he can’t wait to get back to playing live once it was safe to do so.
“My favorite part of performing is looking out and seeing people really enjoying the music. I get a real buzz from that,” he said.
You can follow Harry Phillips Music on Facebook and Instagram. Stream Harry’s music for free on Spotify and Apple Music.

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