Page 60 - Sandgate Guide April 2021 Issue
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NOT TO STAGE? – That Is The Question
 Magazine-styled designer look - a winning formula.
 Tina Leveridge
Story Robyn Baker
Photo supplied by Tina Leveridge, I Wn S t y l e R e a l t y
atching neighbours achieve record prices might have many considering what they need to do to sell. How
do those who achieve the highest price in your suburb do it without expensive renovating? How do you stand out? Real estate agents will give you obvious things to do such as declutter, repair, and bake bread, for example, as key to selling your property. But what if you want to take your home to the next level?
One thing that has become more well recognised is staging – when you employ someone to make your home look like a designer home with carefully selected furnishings. Some buyers have been known to purchase specific pieces also as they fit in so well.
What’s involved? Some designers will work with your existing furnishings and others will bring in all of the furnishings because let’s face it – not everyone loves Grandad’s old chair!
Tina Leveridge from InStyle Realty is a designer and real estate agent who realised some time

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