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FIT FOR Royalty
EStory Aleasha Bliss
xperience the beautiful Moreton Bay Region like never before with Royal Tour Oz. You will be taken on an adventure fit
for royalty and treated to a hilarious theatrical journey of the sights and local history, with a twist or turn along the way.
This quirky scenic journey is filled with glitz and glamour as you are transported by VWolfgang, your royal host. The experience is a ‘mostly factual’ history of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith’s plane, an opportunity to buy fresh prawns from the trawlers at Cabbage Tree Creek, and to visit all the sites of Redcliffe, including a trip down BeeGees Way where you become a part of the attraction – dressing the part in sequins and glasses to create the perfect Instagram photoshoot.
Your larger-than-life host Tim Holt wanted to create a tour with a difference that provides continual entertainment and incorporates comedy and theatre rather than just a typical day trip pointing out the sights.
“The usual ‘on the left is a post office’ type humdrum, is replaced with commentary based on history but intertwined with fiction,” Tim said.
“The tour is an interactive experience, where the guests can participate as much or as little as they wish.
“The concept for Royal Tour Oz was to provide a unique and fun day tour for people not so agile, yet wanting to enjoy luxury food and wine, with a theatrical tour guide. The tour is set to familiar – but not what you would expect – music. We embrace many cultures in a non-offensive dialogue.”
Royal Tour Oz has many characters in its repertoire who create dramatic scenarios throughout the tour. You can make a wish at the kissing tree and also hear The Beatles like you have never heard them before. After a morning of exploration, lunch is served at The Rustic Olive and your thirst is kept quenched with drinks provided during the trip.
“The outcome is like attending a luncheon with friends at a moving theatre restaurant,” Tim said. “We dress sharp and use silverware, of course.”
For more information or to book visit or phone 0458 652 805.

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