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I did have some time for celebrations on Saturday night with my family, my campaign team and our army of local volunteers. It was straight back to work the next morning.
Over the next four years, what are your main priorities for Sandgate and Brisbane northside?
My focus over the next four years is to keep our community safe from COVID-19 and begin our economic recovery.
I want to make sure our recovery supports local businesses, creates local jobs, and gives our community the boost it needs to kickstart the economy.
My main priorities will be:
· Building the Beams Road Overpass;
· Expanding the Park ‘n’ Ride at Carseldine Station;
· Delivering a Sandgate District State High School performing arts hall;
· Hiring more frontline health workers to keep our community safe;
· Securing free TAFE for under 25s;
· Rebuilding our state’s manufacturing industry.
You have announced that Labor will be delivering improvements to local schools. What are the timeframes on these and what will this mean for the community?
The performing arts hall at Sandgate State High and Outside Hours School Care (OHSC) at Bracken Ridge, Sandgate, and Shorncliffe State Schools were election commitments, and funding will be appropriated in the Budget. It is important that these projects are planned well and we will keep the community involved and up-to-date with these projects as time goes on. They will be delivered before the end of this parliamentary term in 2024.
The Palaszczuk Government has committed to continue to “deliver for women”. What are the next four years going to look like for women under your government?
Story Aleasha Bliss
Congratulations on being re-elected. Did you
have much time for celebrations?
I want to thank the people of Sandgate for their emphatic support on 31 October. I commit to working hard every day to keep you and your family safe as we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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