Page 62 - Sandgate Guide October Issue
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   (Sphyraena obtusata)
PStory Peter Hansler
ike, yellowtail - whatever you call them, they are a great live bait, accounting for many Estuary Cod, Longtail Tuna,
Kingfish, and many more species found in Moreton Bay. They make great flesh/ strip baits as well for Bream and Snapper. Found around the many reefs, wharves and structure in the bay, they are great fun to catch from any of the local jetties using a set of bait jigs or a paternoster rig with a small hook and a piece of red or yellow wool jigged up and down.
I have never bothered eating them as they are very oily with a soft flesh, but have been told they were quite good if prepared correctly. I finally decided to catch a few, did some in the smoker, took them to a mate’s place where he fried some in oil and I must say they were quite good, certainly not bad. Three out of five stars for me. Locals I’ve talked to who are catching them on the jetties say they’re very good for fish cakes too.
Peter Hansler is a local “fish enthusiast” who promotes and educates about our native fish and responsible angling via his website If you have a question for Peter you can reach him via email at
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