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  CRIME NEWS Personal Safety
 Physical violence was experienced by a portion of the local community with robberies and assaults in a workplace
increasing. Personal safety strategies aim to reduce the risk of victimisation in a broad range of environments.
Community members should be encouraged to consider how they might incorporate safe
strategies into their everyday lives. Our number one responsibility is to look after ourselves, by
ensuring we maintain our own
safety and we can do this by implementing preventative and
responsive strategies as well as to respect the safety of others.
Is there anything wrong with having a fear of crime?
Yes, when it is disproportionate to the reality of crime. Fear of crime should be proportionate to the reality of crime.
How can we keep violence in perspective?
By educating ourselves about the source of
our fears to gain an understanding of the real problem to then be able to develop strategies to reduce the inherent likelihood of the problem occurring.
Becoming desirous for a community with no more violence, we need to reflect an attitude of positivity, show confident behaviour, and hold a high level of commitment to be able to maintain ourselves in our surroundings. This improves our quality of life and builds stronger communities and neighbourhoods.
At this time of year respect, and respect for others should be celebrated for ‘tis the season to be jolly. Merry Christmas!
Don’t miss the free screening of ELF this December.
The film centers on Buddy, a human who was adopted and raised by Santa’s elves. He learns about this and heads to New York City to meet his biological father while also spreading Christmas cheer in a world of cynics in the process. Starring Will Ferrell and James Caan.
The Movie will kick off approximately 6:45pm, so make sure you get down early to secure a spot.
Friday, 17 December Einbunpin Lagoon, Sandgate

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