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 Beyond Sandgate
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ermentation is a natural process that has occurred for millennia, however, the advent of distilling required human
intervention in the form of alchemy. This process proved to be quite handy, allowing the successful use of distilled spirits in medicine, as well as in religious or social rituals around the world.
Overall, it’s gone quite well. Sure, there was a messy patch in Great Britain in the 18th century, known as the gin craze, but for the most part we have enjoyed a positive relationship with the still.
Fast track to present day Brisbane, and we find ourselves among a resurgence in the popularity of boutique distilleries, producing wonderful and award-winning spirits that are going down well with the locals.
Owner and master distiller of the Brisbane Distillery Company at West End Jon Atherton said, “I think COVID has really made people look to local with fresh eyes. Not only are we starting to reassess our holiday options but there’s also more of a shift to buying local and supporting local, which I think is really fantastic.”
Jon uses all natural, local ingredients to create some of his acclaimed gins, which include Game of Eucalyptus, Brisbane Dry and Phat Chai.
The Brisbane Distillery Company also operates a Gin School, offering guests the opportunity to create and take home their own unique gin blend, using botanicals that cover citrus, floral or herbal flavour profiles.
Jon has seen a wide range of people keen to enrol in Gin School.
“I think the recent uptake in arts and crafts has now extended to activities like this, with people from all walks of life embracing activities including baking, preserving, renovating, and of course, distilling,” he said. “With the help of our gin coaches anybody can master the art – and with over a trillion combinations with the botanicals we have on hand, you will certainly have something unique.”
There are also other distilleries around South- East Queensland that offer a great place to visit and sample some great gin, vodka, and rum, all made right here.
Visit Fonzie Abbott just down the road at Nundah, where a coffee-roasting enterprise grew to include a brewery, which grew to include a gin distillery. Or take a drive to Tamborine Mountain Distillery and hop onto a $5 tasting tour.
It’s great to have these distilleries so close by, so why not stop by some time for a sample?

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