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  “The ‘50s and ‘60s were all about not needing supplements to have fun. Life was the high in those days.”
Scotty said investing in classic cars and memorabilia was not the driving force behind the business, and gets most satisfaction and enjoyment when elderly visitors come to the property.
“It’s so precious when it comes to history, but it’s not about money in relation to the importance of preservation,” he said.
“We’ve been privileged and honoured to have a local gentleman from Gatton celebrate his 99th, 100th and 101st birthdays here with us, and we see dementia patients coming through who come alive when they walk into the shed.
“Their carers say it’s incredible to listen to them talk animatedly about specific items as if they have literally stepped back in time. It’s extremely rewarding.”
Scotty said the tours and events grew from so many motorcycle and car clubs making daily drives to the region.
Scotty Wright, owner of Scotty’s Garage
“We now have a constant influx of car and bike clubs coming through as it’s a really lovely drive from Brisbane,” he said.
“We are a revolving door for club events and all sorts of activities, from weddings to birthdays. Any excuse for a party.”
Aside from the Barn, the Garage, and the T-Bird Diner, there is also Flagstone House available for bed and breakfast stays, and sprawling farmland perfect for boutique weddings.
Just one-and-a-half-hour’s drive from Brisbane, you can easily spend a few hours here enjoying a banana split or hamburger in the Barn, a walk around the grounds, and enjoy a very informative tour with Scotty.
 The Barn and Scotty’s Garage
Open Fridays,10am-3pm
Saturdays & Sundays, 8am-4pm
1709 Flagstone Creek Road
Upper Flagstone, Toowoomba

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