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   just want everyone to get out and enjoy themselves.”
The much loved
event will bring all
of its usual attractions
and excitement, with
some even expected to
be larger than in previous
years. Bill said attendees
could expect a few more rides
and a bigger street parade for this year’s event. He’s also encouraging business owners and locals to get involved in the parade, and to light up shop fronts and houses to help add even more of a festive atmosphere to the area.
“We want the Bayside to be the place to come to celebrate Christmas,” he said.
If he had to pick a highlight of the event, Bill said it would have to be everyone’s favourite man in red.
“Santa arrives in the traditional Bayside-way – on the back of a boat,” he said. “I love the look on the kids’ faces when he arrives. I’m a sucker for Christmas.”
Of course, in a year like no other, Jingle All the Bay will have to run with some
minor modifications in order to keep attendees safe. The Chamber will announce these over the coming weeks. Attendees can expect changes to entry and exit procedures,
for example.
“We’re taking all the precautions available to ensure people can enjoy the event and be as safe as possible,” Bill said.
You can find out more via the Jingle All the Bay Facebook page or at
Jingle All the Bay
Friday, 4 December, 6–9pm Sandgate Town Centre

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