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History of Sandgate

Key facts
  • Sandgate was originally known as Cabbage Tree Creek.
  • In 1853 the first official land sales took place.
  • The Sandgate railway line was opened in 1882.

The suburb now known as Sandgate was originally known as Cabbage Tree Creek.  The Aboriginals called the area Warra which means a stretch or expanse of water.
Land first became available in Sandgate in 1853 which then developed in to a small settlement. The railway line was built in 1882 which enabled travel to Brisbane to be completed in under half an hour which promoted more rapid development of the region. In 1880 Sandgate was declared a town by the Governor of Queensland.
Two important historic landmarks in Sandgate include the town hall as well as the baptist church on the corner of Cliff St and Flinders Pde. The Baptist Church first opened in the late 19th century and has continued to undergo multiple restorations, yet has still remained in its original structure.
Sandgate boasted clean beaches that were a very popular weekend destination, with droves of people visiting from Brisbane to escape the heat