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Local Places, Local Faces

This page will focus on a place or a face from our local area and is brought to you by Julie White, a local photographer and freelance writer who likes to tell stories with photos.
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The Flash Faery
In this column we get to meet some of our local folk. This means we get to uncover some of the living 'personalities' that reside in our wonderful suburb. Discovering our local personalities is not unlike putting together a 'jigsaw' puzzle', where all the bits and pieces of our community somehow lock in together to form the special place that it is.....  More
Talented Brighton Resident
Meet our local face Roy Cox, an ex Navy and Brighton local for 57 years. He has been around the traps for so long, if you ask him a local history question, there is a good chance he can give you an answer....  More
'The Strip' In Sandgate

Famous 'strips' in the world include those such as Sunset Boulevard in Los Angelos and 'The Strip' on Las Vegas Boulevard. However, while not 'world famous' here in Sandgate, we do have our well renowned local 'strip'...  More