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Putters Poised For New Golf Centre

Story: Sally Gordon
Aug 21, 2019
Putters Poised for New Golf Centre
Have you ever dreamed of playing a few rounds of golf on the Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland, or the impeccable grounds of Georgia’s exclusive Augusta National Golf Club?

It may be tricky to organise the real thing, but a new indoor golf-driving simulator that is set to open in November at Boondall, will provide golfing enthusiasts with a virtual experience of playing on some of the most prestigious courses from around the world.

The three-bay, 137sqm, indoor, golf-driving simulator offers players a choice of 100 golf courses, from different countries, to play on and is part of a new golfing centre, currently being built, at 23 Zillmere Road, Boondall.

The site will also feature an 18-hole miniature golf course, kiosk, garden courtyard, new landscaping and ample car parking spaces.

Josh Butterfield, from Butterfield Holdings, who are developing the site, said the complex should be up and running by the middle of November – just in time for the school holidays.

“The unique thing about the outdoor course, is that it will be the first putt-putt course that has a large portion of the facility under a shade sail. People playing the course will enjoy the shade in summer.

“The putt-putt course will have 18 interesting holes, each hole with its own challenges,” Mr Butterfield said. “It will be a proper putt-putt course, not just for kids, but appropriate for people of all ages.”

“The indoor driving range simulator bays are 5m wide. Players use a real golf club – their own if they like, and hit a real ball into a screen that has a pic of the golf course that you choose to play on. There will be 100 different courses from around the world to choose from.”

Mr Butterfield said the golf drive simulator was a popular training method for professional golfers as the technology is able to give users the key statistics on their golf swing mechanics.

“A lot of golfing professionals are using these types of facilities to train in. Players can get the statistics on how their club was facing when it hit the ball, how far you hit it, how fast it was … it’s all very real,” he said.

The golfing enthusiast said the popularity of golf simulators was increasing, with more people keen to experience golf courses where you would normally need to be a club member or to be playing in a tournament.