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Jump In On Muddy Guided Tour

Story: Renee McKeown
Sep 18, 2019
Be on the hunt for creatures that like to swim, dig, crawl and jump in muddy puddles, with a guided tour of Shorncliffe’s tidal flats on Sunday, 6 October. Meandering Mudflats will see families and eco-enthusiasts learning about migrating shorebirds, marine invertebrates and the places they live.

Cr Jared Cassidy said the shorebirds migrated from Siberia, China, Japan, Mongolia and even Alaska.

“Our mudflats at Shorncliffe and Sandgate are so unique and many locals probably don’t appreciate their significance,” he said.

“This section of Moreton Bay is quite shallow for a long way out, which gives us hectares of open space to enjoy twice a day, every day when the tide is out.

“They are home to so many different animals and play a really important part in the ecosystem of Moreton Bay.

“The mangroves and sandflats play an integral role in supporting the lifecycle of prawns, crabs and bugs and many species of fish.”

Participants are encouraged to wear a wide-brimmed hat, enclosed shoes and sunscreen on the day.

Meandering Mudflats tours are also held at Nudgee Beach and Manly.

Sunday 6 October, 9am-11am (weather permitting)
From Lower Moora carpark
Park Parade, Shorncliffe
No bookings required