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Glittergasm: Dazzling Display For Nails

Story: Renee McKeown
Oct 25, 2019
GLITTERGASM: Dazzling display for nails
A TON and a half of glitter was recently delivered to Brighton for the grand opening of Glittergasm. The shop space on Queens Parade was set to sparkle after Inger Burgess moved her business in.

“It was an online business, but I ran out of room at home and needed some space,” she said. “I spend most of my days covered in glitter; it even ends up on my kids, when I send them to school.”

Ms Burgess said they sell glitter for nails, resin jewellery and arts and crafts.“We’ve got a very specialised product with a lot of nail technicians coming in to see us,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter which colour you pick, they all sparkle, even black; there are all shapes and sizes, I even have an adults-only range; The glitter is solvent resistant so they don’t lose their sparkle, even when they’re put into chemicals; They’re all in little bags, but I can do large quantities as well.”

Glittergasm also has a large range of supplies for nail professionals, as well as an in-store technician.

4 Queens Parade, Brighton. 0490 387 854 or visit