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Man Up And Share Your Feelings

Story: Brooke Jacobson
Oct 25, 2019
Men of the 4017 area are being asked to man up – but not like they used to be.

Instead, men are being encouraged to man up by sharing their feelings and changing the way they deal with their mental health.

Katie Dempster, founder of parenting and mental health organisation, I Am Enough, is hosting a Blokes’ Barefoot Bowls event, with the aim of getting men to open up.

“I have created events, recently, to give people space to work on their mental health and it was mainly women who attended,” Katie said.

“And of the men who did attend, it was their wives who bought the tickets. I just realised that men weren’t engaging.

“I spoke to my teenage son, recently, about mental health and I said ‘how do men deal with this?’ And he replied, ‘oh Mum, men don’t cry’.”

The Blokes’ Barefoot Bowls event will be held at the Brighton Health Campus and will feature a day of lawn bowls, a smoked-meat barbecue lunch and a talk from resilience coach, Ryan Easton.

Katie said she came up with the idea for the event after speaking to the men in her life about mental health issues, and she asked them what it would take for them to attend an event and simply talk.

“They pretty much all said sport, a barbecue and alcohol,” she said.

“The alcohol bit can be problematic, but the Brighton Hotel is supplying all our attendees with a $10 voucher, so at the end of the afternoon they can go up to the pub and have a beer.

“A lot of men feel a bit lost; they feel they have lost their place in society and although the discussion around mental health has changed – it’s not as taboo anymore – this still needs to be addressed.”

Tickets are $25 per person and are limited. To secure your ticket, or find out more information, email or call 0433 008 031.


Sunday 10 Nov, 10.30am-2.30pm
Brighton Health Campus
Cnr of Hornibrook Hwy and Nineteenth Ave, Brighton