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Youth Theatre Group Proposed For Sandgate

Story: Sally Gordon | Photo: Ben McShea
Nov 22, 2019
Youth Theatre Group Proposed For Sandgate
Aspiring young actors and actresses from 4017 may be interested in hearing that a new youth theatre group has been proposed for Sandgate.

Members from Sandgate Theatre Inc met, late last month, to talk about a proposal for a youth theatre group - what was required as part of the planning phase and what a program for youth theatre may look like.

The group is calling for anyone interested in helping, with the planning for a potential youth theatre movement in Sandgate, to let them know.

Christine Linning, who has been a member of the Sandgate Theatre group for almost 30 years, said discussions about youth theatre classes followed keen interest in the initiative from parents in the area.

“At this year’s display at the Einbunpin Festival we were asked by many parents if we had youth theatre as part of our company,” Christine said.

“Youth theatre would help to give children more self-confidence, self-esteem, experience in working as part of a team, public speaking confidence, patience and an excellent opportunity to learn all about the theatre.

“The classes would introduce the children to theatre technique, script reading, voice projection, dance and choreography.”

Christine said that, while the classes would be guided by qualified tutors, the sessions would be designed for children to have fun.

“At this stage, we are thinking about holding two one-hour classes; one class for children aged five to 10 years-old and then another class for children 10 years-old and over,” she said.

During the next few months, members of Sandgate Theatre will be looking at the planning for a youth theatre program and firming up what the cost of classes would be, lesson times and potential tutors.

Sandgate Theatre Inc is also on the lookout for a new venue for rehearsals and meetings. Ideally the adult and youth divisions of Sandgate Theatre Inc would be run out of the same venue.

If anyone has an appropriate venue in mind or would like to get involved with the planning for a youth theatre, please contact Christine on  0417 704 962 or the Sandgate Theatre group via their website