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Scouting For Life Skills

Story: Linda Read | Photo: Ben McShea
Jan 24, 2020
Scouting for Life Skills
Scouts have long been synonymous with outdoor survival skills like camping, bushcraft, and hiking. Today’s Scouts still proudly embody these traditions — but they are also learning survival skills of a different kind.

Contemporary issues such as youth health, responsible risk-taking, and vocational skills are all part of the modern Scouting repertoire — which still promises a world of adventure and fun for young people.

The Bracken Ridge Scout Group is having its annual sign-on day on Saturday February 8 – a chance for boys and girls aged from five to 17 years to become part of one of the largest youth development organisations in Australia.

Bracken Ridge Scout Group Leader Jeffrey Gridley said as well as learning outdoor activities, Scouts offered people a chance to learn life skills such as self-reliance, and to think about others.

“We let kids make mistakes and have the space to do that, and also have to struggle through things a little bit sometimes, just to develop that mental toughness. And when they get to the end of it, they become so proud of what they’ve achieved.”

He said outdoor skills such as putting up tents, hiking, navigation, and first aid including CPR, were all still part of the Scouting experience, but there was also now a strong emphasis on community and environmental awareness.

One of the activities he organised last year was taking the Cub Scouts (aged 7-10) shopping for gifts to put under the Kmart Wishing Tree.

“It’s good for them to understand that there are kids out there who may never have a Christmas gift, because their parents can’t put food on the table.”

Fostering cultural and racial tolerance was also important, with an emphasis on the culture of the First Australians.

“We get very involved in things like Harmony Day,” he said.

“And it’s important to understand that indigenous people were the keepers and protectors of the land for a long period of time.”

For more information, contact Jeffrey Gridley on 0413 596 873, or email

Bracken Ridge Scout Group Sign-on Day

Saturday 8 February, 8am-1pm
Bracken Ridge Scout Den
Tomah Road, Bracken Ridge.