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Battle Of The Bands

Story: Jodie Woodward
Jan 24, 2020
Battle of the Bands
A battle will be fought in Sandgate this month, but there’s no need to be alarmed – this battle takes place between bands. Local music venue, Mr Henderson, will host its first Battle of the Bands event in February, continuing its support of live music and local artists.

Music coordinator, Darcy Matthews, said the inspiration behind the event is to motivate and encourage young bands and musicians to perform and give them the opportunity to play for an audience.

“We have not done an event like this before, but we thought our venue would make the perfect space for a local youth Battle of the Bands. We are hoping to make this an ongoing event,” Darcy said.

Participating bands will include Make The Moon, 2 Moros, Adder’s Rock and Monsters Up North. They will all have the opportunity to expand their audience and meet other like-minded musicians. The event will be all about building new connections for both musicians and attendees so if you love live music, this will be the ultimate place for you to enjoy it.

“The atmosphere this event will create will be fantastic. Mr Henderson has many patrons that love live music, and this will give them the opportunity to experience a range of music in just one sitting,” Darcy said.

When asked for a highlight of the night, Darcy said, “The main highlight for me will definitely be the excitement and anticipation of the competition and seeing who the audience selects as winner. I know these bands are all incredibly talented and the competition is going to be hard to pick.”

While the musicians competing in the event are all under 25 years old, the event will appeal to both the young and young at heart, who enjoy live music and discovering new acts.

“Attendees can expect great music, a heap of fun and the opportunity to vote for the band they think is the best,” Darcy said.

You can find out more via or Mr Henderson’s Facebook page.

Battle of the Bands
Saturday 22 February, 7pm
Mr Henderson
69 Brighton Rd, Sandgate