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New Order For The Full Moon

Story: Sandgate Guide | Photo: Bruce Redman
Apr 02, 2020
New Order For The Full Moon
Full Moon Hotel publicans Toby and Luci Black are looking on the bright side of the government’s shutdown of social outings by ensuring patrons can still get a feed and a beverage from their favourite local.

“With the closures to Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and other entertainment venues that the Australian Government announced, we had no time to wallow in misery,” Luci said.

“So as with all our best ideas, we were having a laugh with a beer in hand, when the idea for Winner Winner Drinks & Dinner presented itself.”

Bottle shops have not been included in the closures, so all four of the couple’s local bottle shop locations will be operating as usual, while still facilitating social distancing requirements. That’s where the smart new concept comes in.

“But how could we combine takeaway food with our bottle shops? That’s where Winner Winner Drinks & Dinner comes in,” Luci said.

“Customers can call ahead and place your food order to our restaurant, which is cooked and prepared by our chefs and ready for you to pick up within 30 minutes as you pull through the Full Moon Hotel Drive-Thru Bottleshop.

Luci said the takeaway menu would include the pub’s three-cheese chicken parmi, a soul warming Thai-style chicken noodle soup, salads, burgers and their famous homemade pie, to name a few.

“There are vegan and gluten free options as well, as we know that can usually be difficult to find on a takeaway menu,” she said.

“It means our customers can still enjoy the Full Moon food they know and love and drinks from our bottle shop, with the convenience of a full drive-through service.”

Luci said the challenges their industry faced at the moment would be a test of their resilience but they were confident the community would come together during this time.

“Businesses will need to think laterally and pivot quickly and often in order to survive,” she said.

“But we wouldn’t want to be doing it anywhere else — we are so thankful for our village right now.”

To place an order, keep the menu printed on the right of this page, or view it online at, and call the restaurant on 3869 0544. It will be ready in 30 minutes and their staff will run it down from the kitchen to your car.