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Viet Street Eat

Story: Emma Harley | Photo: Kyle Marsden
Apr 05, 2020
Viet Street Eat
Since its arrival on Sandgate’s high street a few short years ago, Viet Street Eat has become a class local favourite for bayside foodies. Curiosity piqued diners’ interest as soon as the bold signage for the restaurant went up in September 2016. Owner Jennifer Chang said there had been a steady flow of locals ever since who consider the deliciously fresh Vietnamese cuisine a weekly tradition.

“The feedback over the years has been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s been really supportive from the Sandgate community,” Jennifer said.

That strong support from Sandgate diners has seen the restaurant give back to the community in its own way.

“We offer a destination to keep people eating local, and we send our scraps to Green P Farm for compost and our bottles and cans to raise money for their efforts,” Jennifer said.

“We also cater for Sandbag twice a year. We buy bread from the local bakery, prawns from Lucinda Bay and vegetables from Lawnton. We also hire local as well.”

It’s that firm focus on local tastes, local produce and helping the community that has helped set up a strong base of customers that come for the food, but stay for the service.

“Hopefully people find it relaxed and friendly,  and they also have a little music and our street art to admire,” Jennifer said.

“We serve generous, tasty meals and there’s no rush to finish. We are also the only Vietnamese in Sandgate, and we are MSG-free and offer vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free dishes.

“We are also hoping to branch out a little into some side products – different specials not on the regular menu like Laksa and house-made curry puffs.”

Jennifer said if you were visiting for the first time, you should definitely put the beef rending on your list.

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Viet Street Eat
121C Brighton Road, Sandgate
P 3869 3631