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The Future Of The Shorncliffe Escarpment

Story: Sandgate Guide
Apr 05, 2020
The Future Of The Shorncliffe Escarpment
The Shorncliffe escarpment is an outstanding natural feature.  It is the only elevated area in all of North Brisbane that provides views of Moreton Bay.  Fringed by Lovers Walk at the bottom and heritage homes around the top, it offers one of the loveliest walks in our city.

Keep Sandgate Beautiful Association (KSBA) is planning a public forum on the Shorncliffe escarpment in the Sandgate Town Hall.  A date and time will be advertised once public gathering restrictions are lifted.

Discussion will revolve around Brisbane City Council’s development of a management plan for the escarpment. Council will soon release their draft management plan summary for public comment.

“What we have learnt from the Sandgate Neighbourhood Plan, currently underway, is that Council has a well-structured process for public consultation,” said KSBA president Linda McMahon. 

“Unfortunately, with that project, the community was not well prepared and many found the early stage of the process frustrating or unsatisfactory.  There is nothing necessarily wrong with the process, just that the community needs to be better organised in order to mesh well with the council side of it.”

Council met with members of the public and sought written submissions on the escarpment in mid-2019.  “KSBA made a major submission and will be using that as the springboard for a discussion on the escarpment,” Linda said. 

Speakers will include president of the Sandgate Chamber of Commerce Bill Gollan and the local councillor, and will be followed by a panel discussion.  The objective is to allow everyone to be better prepared to respond to the next stage of consultation when council’s draft is released.