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True Health And Beauty Is Due East

Story: Emma Harley | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Jun 23, 2020
True Health and Beauty Is Due East
With the influence of Instagram and other social media platforms painting impossible pictures of what beauty is perceived to be nowadays, local resident and owner of Sandgate’s Anita East Medispa, Anita East, has written a new book that truly spells out what looking and feeling beautiful is all about.

Entitled Beautiful Unique Faces, the book encourages readers to identify and enhance their unique facial features to be happier and more beautiful in their own skin.

With a drive for change and decades of experience as a nurse practitioner in skin and cosmetic medicine, Anita said she wanted women to avoid the never-ending cycle of perfectionism that has seen many others lose sight of their true beauty and health.

“In writing this book, I am speaking out against the common and hugely worrying trend of over-freezing and over-filling faces,” she said.

“After considering penning a book about this issue for quite a while, I finally put pen to paper last year.

“I have witnessed the crisis women globally are suffering and realised I couldn’t save everyone as a single voice, yet on paper my voice is huge and can reach millions of women.”

Anita said her family has been incredibly supportive of her latest move into writing. 

“It’s certainly been challenging writing a book, running a business and being a mum, but I’ve written the book to help to protect my daughters and all the girls and women in the world, so writing it has been a necessity,” she says.

“My husband is an incredible person who supports all of my hairbrain ideas, of which there are many.

“I’ve wanted to be an author all my life and he’s also a creative person, so he understood that writing this book was important to my own journey of healing.”

But writing the book was not without its challenges for Anita, with the process bringing up some personal challenges.

“When writing non-fiction, the author often writes about their area of expertise and for me that’s helping women feel great about themselves,” she said.

“Writing is therapeutic and healing but to get to the good stuff, you often have to go through the learning too.

“The journey of writing this book brought up a lot of things I needed to heal within myself before I was able to write about how other women can heal themselves too.”

Anita said she is passionate about getting the message of the book out into the world, so she can make women feel better about themselves.

“Every person I’ve spoken to has said how necessary the message of my book is now,” she said.

“I have to do my very best to make the world a safer and more accepting place for my two darling daughters and yours.”  

Anita’s first book – Beautiful Unique Faces – will be published in August. Reserve your copy now at