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New Retailer Perfect For Model Citizens

Story: Emma Harley | Photo: Bruce Redman
Jun 23, 2020
New Retailer Perfect For Model Citizens
If you have a passion for all the small things, one of Brighton’s newest retailers has the business model for you. Or is that a model business?

Either way, 105th Armoury is set to be your go-to for model kits ranging from sci-fi hits like Star Wars and Zoids through to all of your armed force favourites such as jets, planes, boats and more.

Owner-operator Keelan O’Driscoll is looking forward to his customers starting small but thinking big.

“Our tag line ‘Start Small, Think Big’ has grown out of a passion for building model kits,” he said.

“I love building model kits and I started the business back in 2015 due to the lack of a particular brand and genre of kit.

“Creating this hobby store allows people to experience something new and exciting.”

Keen model aficionados can expect an epic range on offer, with kits from a vast array of hit and cult TV shows and movies, the armed forces and much more.

“We offer a wide range of model kits and accessories, from anime kits to military and civilian kits, to the tools and paints needed to complete them,” Keelan said.

“The main lines of kits we sell for anime are Zoids, Macross/Robotech, Space Battleship Yamato, Star Wars, Gundam, etc.

“We also stock a wide range of tanks from 1/35th to 1/72nd scale, as well as aircraft in 1/32nd, 1/48th, 1/72nd, and 1/144th scale.

“We even have a wide range of model cars, bikes, ships and helicopters. We also stock a small supply of remote control cars, small compressors and accessories, paints, tools and accessories for model building.”

Keelan said he was looking forward to providing a great service for keen model makers across north Brisbane.

“We are helping the local community by providing a close and easy to access hobby shop, as well as giving a new and interesting hobby source for all ages,” he said.

“In the future we hope to offer model kits build days, back to basics in model building, advanced classes in diorama and scenic work, as well as airbrush and painting tutorials.”

105th Armoury opens on Saturday, 4 July.

105th Armoury
67 Paul Street, Brighton