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Frikker’s Folk Tales

Story: Emma Sanders
Aug 20, 2020
Frikker’s  Folk  Tales
Given the time in which we live, there has never been a more important time to have experienced storytellers plying their craft. And Brighton singer-songwriter Frank Frikker fits the bill perfectly.

The experienced folk musician — who moved to the region 2½ years ago from Port Douglas in north Queensland — found himself without a stage on which to play this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and so went about crafting and recording his new album.

“I finished writing new songs this year. The amount of 13 songs developed over the last years,” he said.

“After having finished my previous CD Yarmouk in 2017 I thought: ‘This is it. No more songwriting.’ But my brain just doesn’t stop. Text lines and music fragments pop up in my head until I sit down.”

Frikker’s prodigious output is good news for music lovers. His music swings between bohemian poetry that sways like the tides, through to beatnik anthems with character narratives that move like a good page turner.

With influences that range from working-class folk heroes like John Prine through to the likes of the legendary Bob Dylan and James Taylor, it all adds up to a deeply unique storytelling talent.

And it’s made all the more exciting by his musical partnership with experienced producer Nigel Pegrum, whose musical pedigree is long and distinguished.

“After having recorded my first two CDs in a less professional and sophisticated environment, muso friends of mine told me that I should invest in getting my music properly recorded and produced, and recommended I get in touch with Nigel,” he said.

“He is a fabulous, funny and very experienced person. It was only through the process of making Yarmouk that I learned about Nigel’s background and history. Man, am I lucky to work with such a guy. Since then we became friends and therefore there was no other way than to work with him again on the new album.”

While gigs aren’t on the cards right now, Frikker - who has played at Mr Henderson, the Cardigan Bar and numerous other local venues - does intend to launch his new album this year.

“Due to corona all gigs have been cancelled. I intend to launch my new CD still this year though, maybe at Sandbag Community Centre,” he said.

You can listen to Frank Fikker’s music on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and other streaming services.