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Local Access Network Improvements: Flinders Parade, Sandgate

Sep 23, 2020
Local Access Network Improvements: Flinders Parade, Sandgate
Councillor Jared Cassidy has advised that works have commenced on Flinders Parade at Sandgate and will take approximately four weeks to complete, weather and site conditions permitting.

Flinders Parade at Sandgate was identified as a location in the local road network as requiring works to improve pedestrian and motorist safety. Council will be undertaking the following works:

 • Two zebra crossings with concrete islands on Flinders Parade to facilitate a safer crossing environment for pedestrians

• A pedestrian refuge and associated line marking to assist pedestrians crossing Flinders Parade

• Three speed platforms along Flinders Parade to facilitate a lower speed environment

• Two painted threshold treatments on Flinders Parade including painted speed limit road surface markings to reinforce the speed limit

• Upgrading kerb ramps, sections of footpath and turfing.

Some yellow no stopping lines will be installed to improve visibility for motorists and pedestrians and to formalise the existing no parking areas. Street lighting upgrades are also required to meet current standards. These improvements are expected to address concerns raised by the community about pedestrian and motorist safety in the area by providing safe crossing facilities for pedestrians and enhancing motorist awareness of the intersection through clearer road delineations.

“I’m pleased to see this project has now commenced and Flinders Parade will be a safer place for both pedestrians and motorists”, Councillor Cassidy said.