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Einbunpin Lagoon Gets A Makeover

Story: Jodie Woodward
Oct 22, 2020
Council has set aside $880 000 in the latest budget to improve Einbunpin Lagoon.

Councillor for Deagon Ward, Jared Cassidy, said the Einbunpin Lagoon management plan includes draining the lagoon, removing silt, relining the lagoon, replacing the concrete walls with natural edging and installing a natural filtration system. 

“These works will make this lagoon a vibrant community space once again. We celebrate so many great local festivals and gatherings here like the Einbunpin Festival, Gardening at the Gate, Sandgate Youth Festival, Carols by the Bay, outdoor movies and so many more,” he said.

It’s not just about the people in the community either. The management plan will have many long-term positive impacts on the local ecosystem and its inhabitants.

“The draining and desilting works will be carried out in separated sections to ensure that there is no negative impact on wildlife or their habitat,” he said.

The Councillor recently supported a petition calling on council to ensure it will work collaboratively with locals throughout the process.

Local community members can expect to see a detailed design of the changes and have a chance to voice their thoughts at community consultation sessions this financial year.

You can find out updates on the project via