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Kitesurfer Reaches Greater Heights

Nov 21, 2020
Kitesurfer Reaches Greater Heights
Sandgate kitesurfer Finn Cross has won first place in the Brissie Big Air Kitesurfing competition Juniors division, and according to the teenager, the sky is the limit.

“It just felt awesome to win, I was super excited,” Finn said. “The adrenaline of the sport is amazing; I really love it.”

Finn started kitesurfing at age seven with his dad. Now aged 15, he is sponsored by Sandgate’s Surf Connect and is a member of the Reedin Kites Australia Team. He practises each day, if the weather allows.

Surf Connect owner Padi Kotwall said he was enormously proud of Finn. “Kitesurfing is a high-risk, extreme sport, so supporting everyone in this community is my number one aim,” Padi said.

“We’re very fortunate here in the Sandgate community; we’ve always had great support. The reward to see Finn win was indescribable. We’ve had some other junior champions here as well, and they are now mentors to Finn and our other juniors.”

Kitesurfing will officially become an Olympic sport at the Paris 2024 games and Padi said Finn should definitely “put that on his agenda”.

For Finn, it would be a dream come true. “That would be awesome, to get that far and win an Olympic medal,” Finn said. “If I put in the work, I’m sure I can.

“It’s such a great kitesurfing community here in Sandgate and I’m very grateful to Padi.”

Finn is now aiming for the Freestyle Competition held on the Sunshine Coast in January.