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Centenary Celebrations On Par With The Best

Story: Brooke Jacobson | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Nov 21, 2020
Centenary Celebrations On Par with the Best
The Sandgate Golf Club will spend 2021 celebrating its 100th anniversary with a series of events to mark the occasion.

Club captain Allan Head said the original clubhouse was a canvas marquee. “One of the events we’re going to have will be an afternoon cocktail party in a marquee, after a game of golf in the morning,” he said. “We might even dress up in period costume as well.”

The club was formed in 1921 when nine golf enthusiasts began converting 57 acres of mangrove swamp into a golf course.

This required soil and fill – at one shilling a dray load – to reclaim enough land from Cabbage Tree Creek and establish six of the nine holes that exist today. Ongoing tidal issues meant floodgates were installed before the addition of another three holes.

Today, the club has more than 200 members, with six social clubs and members of the public also using the course.

“In January, we’re going to have a tree planting to mark the occasion, probably near the clubhouse, and we hope our three living life members will be involved in that as well,” Allan said.

“We will have merchandise for people to purchase throughout the year, including shirts with a new logo, incorporating the 100 years celebration.”

The club’s most successful player was Ian Davis, who in 1970 was the club’s junior champion. He then went on to become the Australian Schoolboys Champion and played professionally on the national circuit.

Allan said golf was a game anyone could enjoy. “It’s a challenge to improve yourself and achieve your own goals,” he said. “And of course it’s a social game, and we enjoy each other’s company and each other’s game.

“We’re very proud of reaching 100 years. We’re thankful for all the golfers who went before us and we’re constantly improving the course and we hope to present it as best we can for anyone coming to Sandgate in 2021.”

For more information about the club, the centenary celebrations, or to book lessons with club professional Chris Chaplin, see the website: