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A Place to Connect

Story: Eve Vickerson   | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Jan 20, 2021
A Place To Connect
Meeting new people, getting a hobby, being healthier and spending more time with friends are all common new year’s resolutions and they’re all on offer at the Brighton Wellness Hub.

It’s a progressive community space hosted by the Metro North Hospital and Health Service that’s open to local people and community groups to either hold their own events or to join in on free or low-cost social activities, from lawn bowls to line dancing.

Brighton Wellness Hub representative Katie Chan said that an important function of the space was to help people make more social connections and to support healthy ageing.

“People can feel socially isolated but we provide the space where they can do Tai Chi, group personal training, social bowls – it gets everybody back to being connected,” Katie said.

With so much of day-to-day life now revolving around technology, Katie said that not only did the Hub allow people to connect in real life but also by using technology.

“Not everybody knows how to use technology, so it’s about us helping people to connect with those services, to know how to use them and also offer support to connect to technology,” she said. “We work with the Sandgate Library, and they come in and offer technology classes.”

For local volunteer and former registered nurse Margaret Arthars, the Hub offers her an opportunity to give back to the community. She regularly donates her time to help out at Hub activities and said she “loves to do it and it makes a difference”.

Hub visitor Jackie Buttress said that as well as making quilts and toys at the weekly knitting and crochet group, she enjoyed the companionship and friendly atmosphere of the community space.

“Anybody is welcome and the staff are fantastic here; they spoil me rotten,” Jackie said.

Whether you’re a keen crafter, enjoy bowling a winner on the green or simply feel like having a cuppa and a chat, the Brighton Wellness Hub has something for everyone.

You can find out more about the events and activities on offer by searching for ‘Brighton Wellness Hub’ at