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Kitchen Waste To Compost In One Easy Lesson

Story: Sally Eberhardt
Published On : Apr 23, 2021
Kitchen Waste To Compost In One Easy Lesson
Don’t waste your kitchen waste! Here’s a great opportunity to learn how to turn kitchen scraps into beautiful, nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

International Compost Awareness Week is the perfect time to learn how to start and maintain an organic composting system at a workshop courtesy of Brisbane City Council. 

Are those vegetable peels, eggshells and banana skins going in the rubbish bin? There is a better answer. Local resident and keen recycler Renee Bugden said composting kitchen scraps didn’t feel wasteful – like putting them in the bin did. 

“Nutrients go back into the ecosystem, supporting plants and wildlife,” Renee said. “Our family garden is healthy and provides food not only for us but for worms and native birds too.

“Composting is super easy to get started and soon becomes a daily habit.”

Compost is miraculous stuff – it boosts the health and vitality of your plants, and even improves the flavour of your home-grown produce.

This workshop is suitable for adults and children over 10. It’s free to attend but places are limited. Please book on Eventbrite; search for ‘sustainable living: creating garden gold from scraps’. Do your bit for the environment and enjoy a more bountiful garden.

Sustainable Living: Creating Garden Gold from Scraps
Sunday, 2 May, 10am-11am
Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre
31 Paperbark Drive, Boondall