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Put The Pieces Together In Sandgate

Story: Aleasha Bliss
Published On : Apr 23, 2021
Put The Pieces Together In Sandgate
Sandgate has been selected to host Queensland’s first State Jigsaw Puzzle Competition this month. The competition is a pairs division and entrants have three hours to complete a 500-piece Funbox puzzle.

The Australian Jigsaw Puzzle Association is run by president D’Arne Healy and vice-president Kim Nguyen. They created the association with the mission to bring the Australian jigsaw puzzle community together through organising, supporting and promoting events and activities across Australia. They are the Australian branch of the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation. 

“We had our first state competition in Western Australia in January,” Kim said. “It was amazing. D’Arne ran that one because I’m in Victoria. The tickets had completely sold out. We are both going to be running the Queensland competition and are so excited.

“Because we are both from other states, we had contacted a few venue options for the Queensland competition. Sandgate just felt right. We really liked the venue itself.”

The first-place champion will win free entry to the National Jigsaw Puzzle Competition on Saturday, 20 November in Melbourne. They will also receive a Mr Chocolate’s Travel $500 travel voucher that can be used towards their flights.

“There will be a great raffle and lots of spot prizes on the day too,” Kim said. “There will be at least 50 pairs competing in the Queensland competition with tickets already selling very fast.”

Kim said the most exciting prize of their competitions throughout Australia was the national one. The winner will be flown to Spain to compete in the world championships and competition sponsor Ravensburger (a leading German puzzle producer) is also putting them up in Germany for a few days, with tours of the Ravensburger puzzle headquarters.

Kim said both she and D’Arne had always loved jigsaw puzzles and noticed there was no competitions in Australia. D’Arne had competed in the world championship in 2019, and started to create the association for puzzle enthusiasts, when Kim joined forces with her after discovering the hole in the market.

“We just clicked straight away and all of our ideas that we had were so in line,” Kim said. “This is exactly what we both wanted to do. This is our first full year of state and national competitions.

For tickets or to find out more information see:

QLD State Jigsaw Puzzle Competition
Saturday, 22 May, 1:00pm-4:00pm
Sandgate Town Hall
Seymour Street, Sandgate