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Raise Funds While Eating Out

Story: Jodie Woodward
Published On : Apr 23, 2021
Raise Funds While Eating Out
Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane needs your help to raise some much-needed funds. The good news is you can do it by coming along to their upcoming food truck pop-up event.

Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane’s junior vice president Paul Hollingdale said the organisation had been running these events for around four years.

“Unfortunately, during COVID, we had no choice but to cancel many of them, which has affected us financially,” Paul said. “It’s our aim to host the food truck pop-up events on a regular basis again, but we can’t do this without the locals supporting these and other events.”

Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane (VMRB) is an on-call volunteer organisation whose main purpose is to save the lives of people in distress in the waters of Moreton Bay and surrounding areas. They have some major expenditure coming up with a new boat ramp, slipway, and a new boat needed to keep things running smoothly.

“Also, our old four-wheel-drive tow vehicle used to tow our boats for rescues on the dams and rivers has died and we desperately need a replacement,” Paul said.

At this event, funds will be raised for VMRB through meat raffle sales and drinks purchased at the bar. There will also be donation tins for additional contributions.

Paul said that everyone was welcome to attend the event, especially families.

“The atmosphere on the lawns is great as you chill out and relax over a drink, listening to music, and sampling some great food from the food trucks,” he said. “Our rostered crews are always happy to have a chat about what we do and how we are here to help the boating public.”

Attendees will enjoy craft beer at the bar along with various foods from several food trucks. There’ll also be buskers for entertainment, raffles with great prizes, and face painting for the kids.

“Be sure to bring a picnic rug and a camping chair – and of course a healthy appetite; the burgers and food are yum.”

For more information, search for VMR Brisbane Inc. on Facebook or visit

VMRB Food Truck event
Sunday, 16 May, 12.00pm-3.30pm
VMR Sandgate Base
95 Allpass Parade, Shorncliffe