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Crime News

Published On : May 25, 2021
Crime News
Last month, there were six burglaries in Sandgate. The offenders in these instances looked for easy access to homes with windows or doors not locked and took the opportunity to steal multiple property items with ease.

You might ask how these people could gain access to your home whilst being undetected.

A suggestion might be to look at how you use your security in your home.

Senior Constable Victoria Christensen recommends people take a fresh look at their home security. Introducing small steps to layer and strengthen current home security could see offenders not being given any opportunity to thieve from you when you are at work, and could save you being a victim or repeat victim of crime. Using security screens, with the key to lock at all times, not only ensures the maximum amount of security for that door, but will also provide some peace of mind over your surroundings with power and control, instead of after the robbery when you are feeling powerless in this same situation.

Think about your home design; if you are out the back, is there clear vision to see the front door? Best practice recommends that security doors get key locked at all times, even while you are at home.

Senior Constable Christensen said, “Put the key somewhere away from the obvious places for anyone to find, and in a place handy for all the family to become aware of so there is no disruption to the safe practices that you are keeping.”