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Look Out For Bluenose Betty

Story: Aleasha Bliss | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : May 25, 2021
Look Out For Bluenose Betty
Sandgate will soon welcome a new bar and restaurant – Bluenose Betty – right in the heart of town.

Bluenose Betty will offer an upmarket yet casual dining experience with a full bar offering craft beers, wine, and cocktails. The bar will be replacing Sam’s Wine Bar and will have a beer garden and a relaxed atmosphere, so patrons can chill out and forget their worries after a hard day.

Bluenose Betty manager Ryan Northey is no amateur in the bar and restaurant business – he runs four of his father’s venues that are in Teneriffe and Coffs Harbour.

“Bluenose Betty is a nice, relaxed, social bar and restaurant lounge,” Ryan said. “It will have a very relaxed kind of atmosphere.

“You can come as whoever you are - if you feel like wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, that’s fine, but if you want to dress up, that works too.

“We have a beer garden out the back, and our food is a very social experience – it’s not pub grub, not fine dining, and not finicky tapas – it’s share-style comfort food that’s done well.”

Ryan said once open, the venue would plan to have regular live music to add to the comfortable and stress-free vibe it aims to bring.

“We love being part of a community and Sandgate has always been a place that appealed to me,” Ryan said. “I love the fact that it’s close to the water, it’s away from the central Brisbane proper, and is its own community that draws in others around it.

“ We were out here over weekends and spotted this building and knew this is what we were after. We had to take advantage of this beautiful building – it’s a really beautiful, old historic building that the owner’s done a beautiful job renovating. It just needs the place to come alive and have a soul put back into it.”

Ryan said Bluenose Betty would be very similar to the Teneriffe restaurant and bar, Streetcorner Jimmy, and was excited to bring something different to the area.

“I don’t see Bluenose Betty as competition in the community,” Ryan said. “I see it as something that will completely complement what’s already here. There are some great little craft beer bars if you like, which have that great little personality to them, and then you have got the pubs.

“We kind of feel like we fit the middle ground between them all – just a nice and relaxed, upmarket bar.”

Keep up to date with Bluenose Betty here:

Bluenose Betty
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