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Business Is Blooming

Story: Brooke Jacobson  | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : May 25, 2021
Business Is Blooming
Business is positively blooming at Wallflower with the popular local florist opening up a second location. Owner Renae Handy said despite a COVID-related drop in some aspects of their business, the past 12 months had proved to be “pretty busy”.

“We do lots of weddings and events, so with that shut-down we took a hit, but we were still so busy sending flowers all over Brisbane,” she said.

“People couldn’t get out and celebrate with each other, so they were sending flowers as a way of connecting.

“And plants too, with people working from home they wanted to make their home more beautiful and we couldn’t keep up with demand for indoor plants.”

Wallflower’s original shop had become too small, and the business expanded into new premises on Braun Street, Deagon.

“We had really outgrown our little shop in Sandgate, we were bursting at the seams,” she said.

“I had a vision in my mind of a big shed, with open beams, although initially I wasn’t looking for something quite this big. But I fell in love with it.”

The former antique store underwent a huge renovation, removing the ceiling and adding in skylights and air-conditioning, as well as some new walls and a paint job.

“We loved it because it’s on the main road, there’s heaps of parking out the front and out the back, we have our greenhouse on the side,” Renae said.

“I really didn’t want people to forget the store that had been here, so to keep some of that feeling from the antique store, I kept the floors the same and I have a few of their pieces like lamps and plates around our shop.”

The new shop has everything locals know and love about Wallflower – plants and flowers, as well as gifts and candles made by Brisbane artists – just on a bigger scale.

Renae added she had been “feeling the love” from the 4017 community. “So many people have come in and said thank you for making Deagon a more exciting suburb and that just makes me so happy,” she said.

“If there’s anything I’m passionate about, it’s the Sandgate and bayside community; I could talk about it all day.”

Wallflower’s new location will become the main store, while the original shop will remain – for now – as a “mini version” of Renae’s vision.

Wallflower is located at: 132 Braun Street, Deagon and 121-123 Deagon Street, Sandgate.