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Mozart’s Music Goes The Distance

Story: Alyssa Mackay
Published On : May 25, 2021
Mozart’s Music Goes The Distance
An ensemble of emerging professional musicians will be turning the spotlight onto some of Mozart’s finest concertos this month.

Five soloists from Cadenza Chamber Players will take centre stage at the Sandgate Town Hall to play A Mozart Concerto Marathon.

Artistic director and chief conductor Lucas D. Lynch said the concert was something he had been wanting to do for years.

“In classical concerts you have one, maximum two, concertos,” Lucas said. “I wanted to design this whole concert built on just concertos because they are versatile and unique, and offer so much charm.

“Mozart wrote many concertos for different instruments and they are breathtaking. You just can’t go wrong with Mozart.”

A Mozart Concerto Marathon will feature four concertos, with solo musicians playing their instruments accompanied by an orchestra. Lucas will perform Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.12. A harp and flute concerto will be played by Jaclyn Miles and Jess Hall, with Niamh Bennett set to perform a clarinet concerto. Mozart’s Horn Concerto No.2 will be performed by Daniel Sherson.

“Highlighting these four concertos offers the audience a great insight into this genius composer,” Lucas said.

Cadenza Chamber Players are freelance musicians based in South-East Queensland, ranging from five to 30 players, depending on the project.

Lucas said he was passionate about giving members of the ensemble a soloist moment.

“Everyone is equally talented and virtuosic, and I’m vehement to showcase their talent,” he said.

“It’s important for emerging professional musicians, most who have graduated from tertiary institutions, to have the opportunity to play with an orchestra as a soloist.”

The ensemble formed in 2017 and started off playing shows at the Sandgate Town Hall.

“I think we always come back to our roots, and Sandgate is our roots,” Lucas said.

“The people are amazing in Sandgate. The venue there is to die for. There’s a gorgeous piano and the acoustics are breathtaking. I don’t think it could be more exquisite.”

Lucas said audience members would leave the show feeling utterly charmed by the music.

“More than anything it’s seeing young, vibrant, passionate musicians do what they do best, which is play music.” 

Tickets are available from $35.50 - $37.50 at: www.cadenzachamberplayers.c...

A Mozart Concerto Marathon
Sunday, 6 June, 3pm-5pm
Sandgate Town Hall