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Tooth Fairy Brings Anniversary

Story: Brooke Jacobson
Published On : Jul 03, 2021
Tooth Fairy Brings Anniversary
The staff at Toothkind are smiling extra wide this year as the popular dental surgery marks 10 years in business.

Business manager Mel Carter said the days of dentistry being “scary” were long gone and their aim was to make patients feel as comfortable as possible.

“We like to listen to our patients, and we explain everything to them as we go,” she said.

“When kids come in they love having the TV on the ceiling above them, and all our dentists do a great job making them feel safe.”

They were also the only dentist on the northside of Brisbane to remain open during COVID last year for emergency cases. “We were seeing patients from all over Brisbane during that time,” Mel said.

Mel said regular visits to the dentist were vital for good health. “It’s so important to have a healthy mouth, because an infection in your mouth can affect your whole body,” she said.

“In fact, heart health, and the health of your teeth and mouth, are very closely linked.

“It’s really important to see the dentist every six months. They won’t just clean your teeth, they’ll also keep an eye out for concerns like oral cancer.”

Mel said staff would be celebrating the 10-year milestone with a party later in the year.

Toothkind is located at 97 Braun Street, Deagon