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Better Access For Paddlers

Story: Alyssa Mackay | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Jul 03, 2021
Better Access For Paddlers
Plans are afloat to establish a dedicated canoe access point into Cabbage Tree Creek, meaning paddlers will no longer have to struggle to find a nearby car park.

Developments are underway to improve the existing launch site, allowing easier access to the creek and better safety for paddlers.

Deagon Ward Councillor Jared Cassidy said he had received the concept plan for the enhanced access point, which is to be established at the end of Curlew Street.

The area at the end of Curlew Street was home to the Hutchison Slipway for many years, Jared said. It remained largely inaccessible to locals and after years of disrepair, it was eventually converted back into parkland in the 2000s.

Throughout 2020, when we initially went into COVID lockdown, more people started to discover activities in their local area. I started getting more requests for better access to this canoe ramp, so we started the planning process.

The concept plan includes vehicle access from the end of Curlew Street to a new car parking

area near the ramp, as well as a turnaround for vehicles.

Local kayaker Cam Boon said he was excited to hear that the plans were being drawn up to allow better access to the canoe ramp.

I got a kayak at the start of 2020 and have loved using it in Cabbage Tree Creek, but accessing this ramp has been difficult if you can't get a park nearby, Cam said.

Having a dedicated canoe ramp will make it much easier for people to get in and out of the water without having to battle for space with boaties at the other ramps.

Jared said the next phase of the project was a detailed design.

The area is contaminated land, being a former dump site, so that will put up some challenges, Jared said. However, this is a project that has been a long time coming and will be of great benefit in giving locals a new dedicated access point to Cabbage Tree Creek for paddling.

It is expected that the detailed design will be completed within the next financial year, with construction to follow shortly afterwards.