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Sandgate’s Newest Club update

Story: Aleasha Bliss | Photo: Bruce Redman
Published On : Jul 03, 2021
Sandgate’s Newest Club Update
A new club is set to open at the end of the year to replace the old Sandgate RSL Memorial Club (also know as Club Sandgate), with renovations currently underway.

The Sands Social will be the newest club in town and internally it will be very different to what was once there.

Kedron-Wavell Services Club marketing manager Brendan Wilson said the club now had its liquor licence approved and if all goes to plan, a November opening was on the horizon.

“Inside will be full new fit outs of kitchens, gaming, floors, dining rooms, and cafés,” Brendan said. “It’s going to be basically a whole new club on the inside.

“The exterior of the club won’t be changing too much, just a coat of paint and a couple of signs here and there,” he said. “We will put in new gardens and make it look pretty on the outside again.”

Brendan said it was all systems go at the moment now the license was approved. The entire internal club is already gutted and in the process of its major makeover.

“We are going to create more of a hospitality venue for everybody,” Brendan said. “We want to create a place where people can come time after time, have some dinner, have some drinks and catch up with friends.

“It’s really a community space that we believe has been somewhat missing in that area since the RSL closed down a couple of years ago now. There has definitely been sort of a want and a desire for that club feeling again – that sense of belonging and community. We want to be able to offer that to people.”

Brendan said it would be a very exciting place for the locals and beyond to visit as it would be like nothing they had been to before.

“The Sands Social is not going to be a generic club,” Brendan said. “It’s not going to be a cookie cutter club; you’re not going to walk into an RSL club.“ It’s going to be very much a hospitality venue with a community mindset in its heart.

“We definitely want to involve as many local outlets as possible – the butchers, the hairdressers, the local schools, the Chamber of Commerce; and we really want to embed The Sands Social in the Sandgate local area.”

There will be more exciting updates closer to The Sands Social opening.