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The Bloody Long Walk Comes A Long Way

Story: Patricia Higgins
Published On : Aug 23, 2021
The Bloody Long Walk Comes A Long Way
A journey of seven hours, 35 kilometres and nearly 47,000 steps from Sandgate to the Story Bridge, the Bloody Long Walk is a worthy challenge for any fitness and charity-minded participant.

The Mito Foundation’s fundraiser started in 2013 with a single event in Sydney and is still going strong, with some 950 people expected to attend in September.

Mito Foundation project manager Jane Hudson said the walk was part of an Australia-wide initiative supporting families impacted by mitochondrial disease, which is a potentially fatal genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of the energy they need to function properly.

“The money raised via The Bloody Long Walk allows us to fund research and run support programs for those with the disease, plus also further education, advocacy and awareness,” she said.

Jane said the fundraiser had grown over the years to encompass one event in every mainland state.

“Our first Brisbane event was in 2014 and with the exception of 2020 (due to COVID restrictions), we have brought the event to Brisbane every year since and have a strong local supporter base.”

To register for the walk, volunteer to assist, or donate, visit

Sunday, 5 September, from 8am
Curlew Park, Sandgate