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New Smiles At Sandgate Denture Clinic

Story: Alyssa Mackay
Published On : Sep 28, 2021
New Smiles at Sandgate Denture Clinic
Familiar faces have taken ownership of the Sandgate Denture Clinic on Brighton Road.

Owner and dental prosthetist James McNab, and Jessica McNab, the clinic’s practice manager and accountant, have been at Anzac Avenue Denture Clinic in Redcliffe since 2007. Last year, they added the Zillmere Denture Clinic to their portfolio. They bought the Sandgate Denture Clinic in September.

“We wanted to ensure the clinic’s patients had ongoing access to the quality service that had been available to them by the previous owner, David Close, for over 25 years,” James said.

“Running three denture clinics for us is a big challenge, but we already have systems in place so we look forward to working at and developing our new clinic.”

James said the clinic would operate from Monday to Friday. “The clinic will be staffed at all times by one of our friendly dental receptionists/assistants and one of our highly trained, qualified dental prosthetists/technicians,” he said.

“All dental appliances will be manufactured at our Redcliffe clinic’s in-house modern laboratory by our own senior dental technicians.”

James said they were looking forward to working at the new clinic.

“As a team, the greatest reward we can receive is witnessing the improved emotional, psychological and physiological change in our patients.”